Terms & Conditions of Installation

1) Calore fireplaces must be installed in accordance with EU and manufacturers regulations of installation as stipulated in the installation manual. Failure to comply with this regulation will negate the manufacturer’s warranty (and also potentially result in a safety hazard). Calore recommends that installations are only carried out by authorized (Calore approved) installers whom have completed the necessary technical training and are Calore certified.

2) The installation components and labor fee quoted on the estimate are based on a (height specific) standard flue run without any deviations/obstructions. Should there be any unforeseen changes, adverse weather or location conditions and/or any other circumstances which may lead to amendments to the labor fee and/or component requirement for the installation (e.g. obstruction inside the internal cavity which only becomes evident once the cavity/roof is opened), the client will be advised accordingly and requoted if necessary.

3) In the event that the flue pipe is unable to run the entire length of the chimney cavity (which can sometimes be the case in a retrofit scenario and may only become evident once installation has commenced) –the client will be notified as such and advised to have the internal cavity modified (at client cost) in order to continue with the flue run to the top of the cavity as required by the Calore/EU principles of installation. Should the client opt not to modify the cavity and take the flue up as far as the internal cavity allows, the performance of the draw cannot be guaranteed (and the ability to properly apply chimney sweeping for the required periodic maintenance may also be effected).

4) Should the appliance to be installed require an electrical connection, the client is to ensure there is a point available within 1m of the appliance. Any electrical work required to make such provisions is not covered by Calore and will need to be provided for by the clients own nominated electrician.

5) Basic building work is finished to plaster –painting is not included, unless specified and quoted for.

6) Any custom/specialized building work required will be quoted for separately (if within scope and proficiency of our installation team)

7) In the case where ducting is to be installed, the relevant responsible person/person in charge on site is to confirm final positions of the pipe and vents with the installer. It is thus the client/project manager’s responsibility to ensure that the correct positioning of these components is communicated to the relevant responsible person on site.

8) Flexible air-ducting is malleable and can be bend out of shape/damaged in the event of exposure to excess pressure and/or the elements (e.g. if stepped on after it has been laid in position /water has entered into the pipework due to exposure). It is thus the site manager’s responsibility to ensure that the duct pipe is not damaged/exposed to the elements and properly protected on site after placed in final position.

9) Calore will not be held liable for any damages/replacement parts/additional parts/building costs required should any damage occur thereafter the pipes have been supplied and fitted and/or changes be made to the pipe run and/or position of the air vents.

10) In the event where we have to break through a slab/wall, the client/relevant responsible person on site will need to instruct our installer where to break through –Calore will not be held liable should any damage occur to any pipework/electrical/plumbing and/or any other conduit that may be running within the wall/floor.

11) In the event of any gas installation, the connection and certification of the gas line must be done by an approved and certified gas technician/installer. The client can opt to use their own nominated gas technician/installer to make the connection and provide the certification. Calore can also provide this service on request at an additional cost.

12)Workmanship and waterproofing carries a 1 year warranty

13) Calore installation components carry a 10 year warranty

14) An installation date cannot be confirmed unless payment terms are met and all items are readily available in stock. If any item required for the installation is not readily available in stock, an indication of when the installation can take place will be given to the client. Final confirmation can only be given when all items required for the installation are readily available and payment terms met.

15) Should the client opt to appoint their own installer, the installer appointed accepts the full liability to ensure that the installation is carried out as required by Calore/manufacturer and completed to acceptable EU/Calore standards of installation.

16) Should any installation/building work be completed by a third party (other than an approved Calore installer), it is that parties responsibility to attend site meetings and/or be present at the time of installation to ensure that they are correctly informed on the relevant rules and regulations of installation and required building parameters (pertaining to the specific product/s to be installed). If a third party builder/installer is unsure of any of the rules and regulations of building/installing pertaining to any of the Calore products –it is their responsibility to seek consultation with Calore and enquire as to the correct installation/building method as required by Calore.

Calore will not be held liable for any damages/costs incurred due to incorrect installation/building work by any third party installer/builder.

17) A comprehensive user manual is supplied with the fireplace. The user manual contains vital information regarding the correct usage of the appliance and general maintenance/cleaning procedures. Incorrect usage (e.g: overloading of firewood/using wet wood) and lack of general maintenance (e.g: cleaning of glass/ashes) can result in reduced performance and cause subsequent damage to the appliance and/or flue system resulting in a safety hazard. Any damage as a result of incorrect usage and or lack of general maintenance is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. It is thus the client’s responsibility to ensure that the appliance is used and maintained correctly.

18)Payment terms

·         100% payment required upfront on fireplace and physical components required for installation

·         50% payment required upfront on labor fee prior to commencement of installation

·         Balance of labor fee required on completion of installation.

Annual service requirements

Why do I need to service my fireplace?

All fireplaces are required to be serviced annually. The annual service is required in order to check the integrity of vital components and clear the flue way of any potential blockage and/or creosote build-up (which is flammable and could cause a chimney fire which is extremely dangerous). Failure to comply with the service requirement can result in reduced performance and/or place additional stress to certain components which may lead to component failure and cause subsequent damage to the appliance and/or flue system resulting in a safety hazard. The manufacturer’s warranty is hence also subject to regular annual services which must be carried out by an authorized service technician.

What does a service include?

Wood burner:

·         Full chimney sweep of the flue system and T-piece

·         Internal combustion chamber is cleaned and vacuumed

·         Baffle plate is removed, checked and cleaned

·         Integrity of all other vital components are checked

·         Door gaskets are checked and replaced (if required)

·         Silicon paint or copper grease is applied where necessary (model dependent)


Pellet burner:

·         Full chimney sweep of the flue system and T-piece

·         Internal combustion chamber is cleaned and vacuumed

·         Baffle plate, rear and side panels are removed, checked and cleaned

·         Door gaskets are checked and replaced (if required)

·         Integrity of all other vital components are checked

·         Ventilation fans and electronic components are cleaned and checked

·         Air-pressures and internal settings are checked and recalibrated if required

·         Silicon paint or copper grease is applied (where applicable/model dependent)


Gas burner:

·         chimney sweep of the flue system (where required)

·         Internal combustion chamber is cleaned and vacuumed

·         Gas burners/jets are checked and cleaned

·         Gas operating pressure is checked

·         Baffle plate, rear and side panels are removed, checked and cleaned

·         Door gaskets are checked and replaced (if required)

·         Integrity of all other vital components are checked

·         Ventilation fans and electronic components are cleaned and checked (compatible models)

·         Silicon paint or copper grease is applied (where applicable/model dependent)


*** Any replacement parts/additional labor/repair work required over and above that of a standard service will be quoted for separately***

The service requirements as stipulated above are put in place to protect our clients and their valuable investments and to ensure that every Calore Fireplace is performing safely and to its optimum each and every season of use.

Calore hence advises their clients to ensure that they have booked and completed their service well ahead of the busy winter season.

Pellet fireplace installations below 3.5m

For all wood/pellet fireplaces, it is always recommended that a minimum of 3.5m flue is used and the flue extends out of the reflux zone. In such case that a pellet fireplace client is not able to conform to these installation principals, we have tested a wall cowl that will technically render the installation functional.

Minimum requirements and advisory:

We have tested the wall type installations in various setups. Although all performance and functionality tests were successful, dealers, sales personnel, installers and clients need to take note and acknowledge of the following:


1.       In order to ensure correct flue gas extraction and rain/weather protection, the cowl must be fitted with the internal rain and wind deflector at the top.

2.       The shorter flue type installation less than 3.5m is only suitable for pellet appliances that include a smoke extractor fan.

3.       A minimum of 2m vertical flue must be installed.

4.       Horizontal run should not exceed a maximum of 500mm.

5.       The cowl may cause localized soot deposits on walls and overhangs which can be cleaned off.

6.       To minimize the possibility of smoke or combustibles travelling up the pellet delivery chute which could result in backburn and/or a hopper fire, the pellet level in the hopper should never drop below a third full.

7.       There is the possibility of a small amount of smoke escaping the appliance should there be a power failure in the start-up phases before the flue has reached operational temperature. Emissions may also be drawn back into the home through nearby doors and/or windows due to the outlet being inside of the reflux zone. In order to minimize the effect of emission drawback, the wall outlet must be installed a minimum of 1.5m away from (and never directly below) any doors or windows or installed in an outside living area (e.g patio).

8.       Short flue installations may lead to excessive soot build-up on the glass screen

9.       For optimal performance of the appliance it is always recommended to apply the standard rules and regulations of installations.



A suitable UPS backup type energy supply should be connected to the appliance in order to reduce the risk of any potential adverse effects that may occur during a power outage and keep the appliance functioning normally.